Tri-State Pharmaceutical

Bringing the pharmacy to you

Your meds on time. Guaranteed.

Bringing the pharmacy to you

Medications delivered directly to your door by a licensed pharmacy technician.

Nursing and Assisted Living

Providing reliable, cost-effective services that treats every resident as a valued client.

Quality brands and generics

We partner with suppliers that provide quality brand and generic pharmaceuticals.

Group Homes and Programs

Thousands of medications stocked and ready to deliver exactly when you need it.

“Using tristate means my patients have the medication they need on time. Less time spend on prior authorizations and dealing with insurance issues.”

Licensing and Accreditation

DEA Licensed

FDA Registered

CMS Approved

About us

Tri-State Pharmaceutical LLC provides comprehensive pharmaceutical services to patients and providers across the United States.

Our mission

As your partner, we’ll work to provide value, resolve issues and cover the details so you can focus on giving the best care to your residents.

Our offer

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